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graphic and branding designer

Not just branding, but strategy too.

I'm sure you've been told you need to know your brand's "why"...

...but you also need to know your who, what, where, when, and how!


Customers convert when they connect.

Connect with your messaging...


Connect with your visuals...

Connect with YOU!

You don't just need a brand, you need to know how to use that brand effectively to attract your dream customers.

"Jess included me in the conversation, and helped me to distill down a guideline that made me feel excited about my business and confident about how I can best present it."

Salena Baca, the American Crochet Association

Hey, Hello... I'm Jess

I'm a brand strategist & designer based out of NJ and I specialize in helping small and service based businesses develop brand strategies that attract their dream customers.

my designs

aca tote bag.png

the American Crochet Association

Salena Baca needed branding that matched her bright personality and that reinforced her authority and knowledge in a creative education space.

Her platform educates people about every hook and loop of crochet and is focused on simplifying a complicated craft.

I wanted her re-brand to reflect the history of the ACA's then 4 years in business, and also to reflect Salena's bright, positive influence.

"Jess has shared knowledge with me, educating and empowering me to share what I love in a way that is beautiful, precise, and engaging. I cannot recommend her talents enough. She is an experience. She is magnificent!" - Salena


Morgan Doman Coaching

Morgan is a life and business coach who had a logo that didn't really reflect who she was or what she did. 

I turned her logo into a brand, capturing her personality and purpose in visual form.

"Jess did a fabulous job getting to know me and really understanding me so that my branding was uniquely my own. It stands out and is exactly what I was looking for!" - Morgan

dark wolf sweatshirt 2.png

Dark Wolf Studios

Logo, business cards, and apparel for a budding woodworking business.

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