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Mood Board Inspiration: Potted, Version 2

Last week I made a mood board for the fictional plant shop, Potted. While I was making the first version I had so many ideas for the direction that this shop could go in that I decided to make another one.

But this time, I'm going to go a bit more out of the box...

I was scrolling on Pinterest one day when I saw some plants lit up by neon colored lights and it looked so fun and bright that I wondered what a plant shop that combined neon and nature would look like.

So this week I explored that concept.

Here's the final board:

This one is so different from the first one, right?

I'm really glad that I fleshed this idea out. I do think this would be fun to work up into a full brand package. It's something I've never seen before and I think it would be really fun to play around with.

Here's the final color palette:

I had to play around with this a bit. I originally grabbed a dark purple that I eventually replaced with the yellow/orange that I think looks much better. It has fun jungalow vibes, which is just what I was going for.

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