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Mood Board Inspiration: Potted, Version 1

Today's mood board is for the fictional plant shop: Potted.

For this mood board, I was going for a relaxed, somewhat muted, neutral look.

Here's the final board:

I wanted to emphasize community, learning, and discovery in this board. The plant shop I was envisioning holds classes, has staff to help you pick out and repot your plants, and encourages people to gather in their space and simply enjoy the relaxing state nature can provide.

You’ll notice a lot of green in this board, with touches of deep turquoise, neutrals, and a pop of pink.

Here's the full color palette:

I pulled all the colors from the images and I really like the bright green in the mix of the more toned down colors. That happened totally by accident, but once I saw them all together I loved it!


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