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Mood Board Inspiration: Persimmon

Watch me make this mood board:

Visually, grocery stores are a nightmare for me. I'm always unhappy with the way the grocery stores themselves are branded so terribly while so much of the packaging inside is done so well...

So this week I decided to try my hand at creating a mood board for the type of grocery store I where I would like to shop.

I wanted a bright, fun atmosphere, a modern aesthetic, and a focus on beautiful packaging.

One of the most fun parts of this process was picking the name for my fictional grocery store. After a bit of brainstorming and Googling, I settled on Persimmon.

Here's the final board:

I was definitely surprised at how many images I could find of grocery stores, bodegas, corner stores, etc; that matched what I was looking for. I liked the images that had bright lighting, a mix of natural materials, and even some splashes of color.

I also threw in some images of product packaging that stood out to me as some things that might be included on the shelves of Persimmon.

I pulled the colors from the images and I love the summery, bright feel I wound up with:

I can just picture these colors against birch/pine wood and bright white subway tiles... it gets me excited for this totally fiction (unfortunately) grocery store.

Here's the Pinterest board where I gathered images for this week's project. Remember to follow me to see boards before I publish the video!


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